The Zipkin project contains instrumentation libraries for several programming languages, therefore it makes it easy to get tracing data for polyglot applications. It uses a different approach from the non-intrusive Java agent instrumentation. Developers have to use instrumented libraries or send tracing data directly to the server.

Hawkular APM is compatible with Zipkin collectors so any application instrumented with a Zipkin library can report data to Hawkular APM.


The Hawkular APM server’s zipkin http collector is enabled by default. Kafka collector can be enabled by setting environmental variable KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER. It is zookeeper connect string, ex.

$ KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER= bin/ -Djboss.http.port=8080

If you are already using Zipkin in your environment change the binding port to 9411 and trace data will be reported to APM. Or you can specify APM address application configuration.